Web Design Patterns for Mobile Devices

In my Master thesis I created a pattern library for the design of mobile web interfaces. A lot changed on the mobile design landscape since then, but I believe some of the work is still valid.


We have in our hands a universe of personal devices that are always available, always on, and always connected. By their characteristics, mobile devices have brought new constraints and possibilities to the field of web design. It is no longer possible to design a website without at least consider how it will work on a mobile device: the whole mobile experience needs to be designed. Because designing for these devices is considerably different from designing for conventional web interfaces, we cannot only rely on the established techniques: we will need new ones.

Throughout a pattern-based approach, this work aims to contribute to the development of new tools for the design of mobile interfaces, by capturing and presenting already proven solutions that aspire to help us design better and more engaging experiences on the mobile web.